Margaret Airplaneman, solo

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Live at Charles River Museum of Industry

I have a new album out.

When things come together so swiftly and easily, it’s as if the universe is conspiring with you. That’s how it felt making this little record. I quite literally stumbled upon the Charles River Museum of Industry on a walk along the river path just 1/2 mile from where I’m staying. It turns out my friend Joe works there and runs concerts out of the space. The room has a natural cathedral-like reverb so it’s perfect for just setting up and playing live. I found the non-studio space I had been searching for.

I made a call to my friend Gregg who connected me up with his friend Djim (the guy with the portable recording gear and a passion to record in alternative spaces). Everyone was free on Memorial day and the museum was ‘dark’. Within 10 days we recorded, mixed and mastered 6 songs. Also had a great walk about the museum and along the river with my photographer friend Jaine who got some cool shots for this cover. Synchronized timing here in Watch City Waltham, Ma. Flowing like the River Charles.


  • August 4th at Atwood’s Tavern
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    w/ Chris Brokaw
    Margaret is joined by Gregory Porter on drums and Djim Reynolds on bass

European tour dates

  • Jun 30th, Raut Oak Festival (Riegsee, DE)
  • Jul 6th, La Pointe Lafayette (Paris, FR)*
  • Jul 7th, Le Galion (Lorient, FR)*
  • Jul 10th, Rock Cirkus (Brest, FR)*
  • Jul 11th, Bistrot de la Cité (Rennes, FR)*
  • July 12th, L’Imoosture (Lille, FR) w/ All Seeing Eyes!!
  • Jul 13th, Butcher’s Tears (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Jul 14th, Moby Dick (Antwerpen, BE)
  • Jul 15th, Kaffee-Ine (Mechelen, BE)
  • Jul 17th, House party (Limoges, FR)
  • Jul 19th, L’avant-Scene with Lucien Vibration (Looch Vibrato) & Arhtur SATAN (Bordeaux, FR)**
  • Jul 20th, La champagne (Toulouse, FR)**
  • Jul 23rd, Café Du Stade (Argelès-Gazost, FR) **
  • July 24th, Le berliet – Dolus d’Oléron, FR)**
  • Jul 26th, Binic Festival (Binic, FR)**
** joined by Sophie Clemente on drums and Misty White on percussion

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