Mr. Airplane Man’s Margaret Garrett Comes Out of the Blue and Into the Sunlight

“Just about every day, a solitary guitarist plugs into her portable practice amp and begins rehearsing at one of several secret outdoor locations around Silver Lake Reservoir. Most of the passers-by, joggers and dog walkers circling the reservoir don’t pay any attention or have any idea who the performer is.

But Margaret Garrett, half of the garage-blues duo Mr. Airplane Man, is not a typical meek folkie strumming airy songs in the park. Collaborating with drummer-keyboardist Tara McManus, Garrett is best known for creating stomping, hard-driving original songs that combine elements of blues, punk, garage rock and psychedelic pop into an unusually compelling and distinctively haunting mixture.”

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Vinyl Record Update

There’s been a hold up over the artwork and we’ve been told they won’t be ready until June. Those of you who preordered… we are so sorry for the delay and promise to sign, kiss and pray over each record so that your patience is rewarded!  Thanks for understanding 🙏